As a recipient of Quantum Ascendance Business and Success Life Coaching with Katherine Hartvickson, I been have been promoted and my sales have increased by more than 35%!

If you want to start you own business, increase your income, increase your confidence and end your personal struggle once and for all, pick up the phone today and start thriving!

Katherine’s step by step approach helped me remove each obstacle that was keeping me from achieving the success I knew was attainable – I just needed the road map to show me the way.

Tricia National Sales Manager

Katherine has been my coach for the past year. The person I was when I started working with her was very different from the one I’ve become.

She helped me break through some of my own limiting beliefs that kept me at a lower level in the company and afraid to put myself out there and take risks. The tools and processes she uses helped me truly become authentic in the way I deal with everything in my life.

I no longer try to fit into someone else’s idea of who I should be. I have more confidence now and realize that I was born with core capabilities that I just needed to allow to blossom.

I am now a better communicator than ever before and easily work with my team to accomplish our goals. Now I have a senior leadership role in a large company and am valued as a key player on the executive team.

I firmly believe that this would not have happened without her exceptional intuitive coaching skills! I know that I will continue to call upon her wisdom and guidance periodically so that I can continue my journey and live the life I’ve always wanted to have.

RebeccaGlobal Company

I reached out to Katherine for coaching at a time in my life where I really wasn’t satisfied and happy in my career, which of course carried over into my personal relationships.

I didn’t know what was missing – but with her help I went farther faster than I ever thought possible. Through her I was able to take a close look at what was working in my life and then focus on the things that I needed to do to make life-long positive changes.

Since working with her, I have left my former employer and am now an executive at another company. My confidence is soaring to new heights and the doors of opportunity that have opened for me are more than I ever imagined possible.

I love my new life and even my family is celebrating the new and improved me!

SarahInsurance Company

Katherine pulls people to her through her leadership, business know-how and personality.

Having partnered with Katherine through intense times during the collective bargaining process and in opportunities for engaging employees to help a business win, she comes out as a clear leader within a leadership team.

This is because of her knowledge, experience and spirit. When an executive, business unit or company wants to bring performance to a higher level, Katherine is the human resources leader that should be on the team.

The bottom line is that Katherine is a true business partner who understands what makes a company tick. She has the business acumen and knowledge to build positive employee and labor relations to deliver measurable outcomes.

I look forward to every opportunity we have to work together because we make significant changes that benefit people and the places where they work.

Andy OpilaOn the Same Page

Katherine is very professional and provided us with the tools we needed to move our business forward.

She updated our business with new employee policies, new handbook, and performance management systems. This helped us set goals and evaluate employee performance against the goals.

She taught the employees new ways to communicate. She implemented a behavior-based interview process that helped us recruit new employees and also created new job descriptions which have proven very beneficial to all of us.

We were very happy to have Katherine work with our team.

Sandy StewartPure Radiance Laser Retreat