Katherine has worked with me as a personal coach, business consultant, and H/R consultant. Her service and knowledge is out of this world. She has helped me to develop my skills as a leader and help to drive my business to a much higher level. I recommend her to any business owner or even business professional looking to take your game to the next level. I just can’t say enough good things about Katherine and her coaching. And you won’t find anyone with more knowledge and experience in H/R. Thanks Katherine for all you’ve done!

Brent McDonaldOwner, Rub-a-Dub Plumbing

Katherine’s program, Success Without Sacrifice, was without a doubt the most uplifting and personally motivating course I have ever had the pleasure of being part of. We have all reached a point in our personal and professional lives that forces us to question the path we are on. This program erases any self-doubt and internal mechanisms that can hamper our ascent to greatness.

Success Without Sacrifice allows you to envision your path to success and opens doorways the mind may have shut long ago. Through exploration and discussion, I found out what made me tick, what my true personal and professional dreams are, and how I can achieve them by tapping into my inner greatness.

I have always been skeptical of the ways our minds can be molded and inhibitions can take over our lives. This program made me a believer in areas I would have never thought possible. The CORE map is a very interesting tool to determine what strong personality traits you hold and areas you may need to focus on. The individual RAMP session dug much deeper into my subconscious/past than I had anticipated, but with Katherine facilitating we made some really great progress.

I use the principles I learned in this program daily. I can say Katherine will be an important part of my life going forward. Thank you!

Brady Bieniek

Working with Katherine has been an honor, but being mentored by her has been life changing. Her passion and training helped me double my business income and team in less than 3 months. I went from some success to great success all because she helped me change my outlook, mindset, and leadership skills. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, Katherine’s the right person.

Susan Chapman DukesRodan + Fields Executive Consultant

Katherine Hartvickson and her Success Without Sacrifice program have made a huge difference in my life. Katherine is a wonderful coach. Her leadership and coaching skills along with the program curriculum led me to expand my business & personal life and succeed in a new area of expertise. Her tried and true principles work as she takes you step by step in maximizing your highest potential. I highly recommend her services and do so every chance I get!

Lisa VeatchCo-Owner, L2 Marketing

As a product guy and leader, I usually get nervous when it comes to these sorts of personality/professional/teamwork assessment tools. I mean, we all want to know what we are good at and yes, we cringe at the things we know we need to improve on but feel blocked from improving them.

COREMap was different for me in that I was able to apply it in a way to facilitate some genuine discussions with my manager and peers. Not an easy thing to do!

But COREMap is a tool and a tool is just that. It took Katherine’s guidance and coaching to discover how I could feel confident being vulnerable and sharing my opportunities for improvement with my peers. To get the most out of COREMap, you need someone to navigate you through. Katherine was my navigator and I am all the better for it.

Mike HideoSenior Director, Red Hat Asia-Pacific

I had the pleasure of having Katherine take me through several assessment tools at her disposal. All were immensely valuable and informative while varying in their degree of purpose and depth. The experiential nature of the RAMP session was probably my personal favorite as it digs VERY deep into the subconscious to unearth the gifts in our life’s challenges.

I still make use of the concepts learned in the session. Katherine is a gifted coach/consultant and holds an intimate safe space for exploration with ease and grace. I will be utilizing her in the future with my own clients and would not hesitate to recommend her services to those seeking greater self-mastery and discovery.

David MagnessToronto, Ontario

I always felt like just ‘being’ was a struggle and I didn’t know why. After working with Katherine and taking advantage of coaching expertise, I started to understand my true nature and find my own ‘True North’. It was then that my life started to flow. I discovered that my daily reactions had been based on learned behaviors, not my authentic self. My family and I rapidly noticed positive shifts in my behavior and I experienced a renewed energy for life as I went with the flow towards my goals and dreams.

We had a few follow up coaching sessions which helped me gain the confidence to allow my authentic self to shine and to let go of behavior that no longer served a purpose in my life. As the provider for my family, I was able for the first time to clearly and confidently express my career and financial goals with my managers. Together we composed an action plan to help me reach those goals.

Within a month I moved into the window office I’d dreamed of for years. Before the assessments she used and her coaching, I dreaded going home to my cramped tiny house. Now, less than a year later, I own three homes and I can’t wait to go to my beautiful home each day when I leave my window office.

I highly recommend Katherine Hartvickson for anyone who wants more out of life – and don’t we all want that?

Mrs. Shondra GreeneBanking Industry / Redding, California

I took the CORE Assessment a couple of months ago. The reports that came from this assessment were a wealth of knowledge. Katherine was amazing at being able to look at that information and help me uncover aspects of my personality that I was not fully developing. She was able to show how my perception of myself differed from my true natural competencies.

Once I recognized this I was able to more fully embrace those personality traits that helped me to be a more powerful communicator and connect with people more authentically in both my business and personal life. My business and personal life continue to benefit from this work.

Bryan PeckThe Fired Up Business

Katherine coached me because I had a fear of taking tests and I had a STAAR test coming up. I was stressing big time. She asked me if I wanted her help to eliminate the fear once and for all and of course, I said yes. She explained that she uses a process called “RAMP” which stands for Rapidly Accelerated Mind Patterning. I was not really sure about how it would all work because I have never done anything like this before. But after I finished with the session and I walked out of her office, I no longer had a fear of tests and the STAAR tests were actually easy! Oh yeah, I did really well on the tests!


Katherine was a great resource to SunCoke Energy and our Jewell Coal operations. She augmented our local HR team and developed numerous “state of the art” HR business processes and programs.

With her assistance and expertise we were able to implement several innovative recruiting and retention strategies.

Gary YeawSunCoke Energy