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Introducing ‘Success without Sacrifice’

A 6 month LIVE online program designed specifically for you to step into your power and claim abundantly expansive opportunities waiting for you.

Let’s take a closer look…

Everything you do and every choice you make starts with your mindset.

That’s why successful people all use a certain key strategies that allow them to achieve their goals and succeed at very high levels, while still making it look easy.

You weren’t born to struggle

You are meant to make a fabulous income and be wildly successful – here’s how…

Success Without Sacrifice helps business owners, entrepreneurs and career professionals at all stages discover the exact steps they need to break through limiting beliefs and emotions that are holding them back.

While you may be wishing you could make more money, reach more people and make a greater impact, none of this will happen until you understand how to master your mindset.

Success without Sacrifice shows you exactly how to expand your mindset – so you can think much bigger about what’s possible for you.

  • Boat on WaterDiscover your true self at the deepest level of your being…
  • Master your inner game and stretch your vision of what’s truly possible for you…
  • Find out what fears and beliefs are limiting you and what to do about it…
  • Uncover your deepest dreams, heartfelt desires and goals…
  • Harness your highest vibrational energy and become an unstoppable force for good…
  • Boost your confidence and claim your power as you help others, change lives, and give back

Get Noticed, Get Promoted, Get Paid!

The future depends on what you do TODAYHow would it feel to be in complete control of your destiny without any of the nagging doubts, beliefs and stories holding you back?

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to confidently and assuredly strive towards your biggest desires?

How satisfying would it be to finally get the recognition you deserve and reap the rewards of your labor!

I’m here to tell you that is exactly what others who have taken this program have experienced and so can you!

“Katherine’s program, Success Without Sacrifice, was without a doubt the most uplifting and personally motivating course I have ever had the pleasure of being part of. We have all reached a point in our personal and professional lives that forces us to question the path we are on. This program erases any self-doubt and internal mechanisms that can hamper our ascent to greatness.

Success Without Sacrifice allows you to envision your path to success and opens doorways the mind may have shut long ago. Through exploration and discussion, I found out what made me tick, what my true personal and professional dreams are, and how I can achieve them by tapping into my inner greatness.

I have always been skeptical of the ways our minds can be molded and inhibitions can take over our lives. This program made me a believer in areas I would have never thought possible. The CORE map is a very interesting tool to determine what strong personality traits you hold and areas you may need to focus on. The individual RAMP session dug much deeper into my subconscious/past than I had anticipated, but with Katherine facilitating we made some really great progress.

I use the principles I learned in this program daily. I can say Katherine will be an important part of my life going forward. Thank you!

(Brady Bieniek)

Get excited, because all of this can happen for you when you join us on September 11th!

And to make this easy for you, I’ve included live coaching and all of the best training, assessments, and materials you need to experience massive transformation.

Here’s what the program includes:

  1. Live virtual coaching over 6 months starting Monday September 11, 2017
  2. A comprehensive COREMap Assessment that includes targeted personal development coaching
  3. A complete Success GPS Assessment that will identify and pinpoint where you need to focus first to achieve your goals
  4. Unlimited 15-minute calls with Katherine to get laser-focused coaching
  5. Private Facebook group of like-minded individuals supporting each other


Bonus #1: THREE strategy calls with Katherine to get you from “Freaked-out” to “Confident”

Bonus #2: LIFETIME access to participate in future Success Without Sacrifice programs for FREE after graduation!

And don’t worry if you need to miss a live, virtual class – you can listen to the recording at your convenience.

You won’t be disappointed – ask yourself if you can afford not to register and be a part of the elite graduates who have accomplished so much more than they ever dreamed of.

We get started September 11th 

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6 monthly payments of $297

Or Register Now – Only $1597

Here’s what more clients have said after taking my program:

“Working with Katherine has been an honor, but being mentored by her has been life changing. Her passion and training helped me double my business income and team in less than 3 months. I went from some success to great success all because she helped me change my outlook, mindset, and leadership skills. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, Katherine’s the right person.”

Susan Chapman Dukes Rodan + Fields Executive Consultant

“Katherine Hartvickson and her Success Without Sacrifice program have made a huge difference in my life. Katherine is a wonderful coach. Her leadership and coaching skills along with the program curriculum led me to expand my business & personal life and succeed in a new area of expertise. Her tried and true principles work as she takes you step by step in maximizing your highest potential. I highly recommend her services and do so every chance I get!”

Lisa Veatch Co-Owner, L2 Marketing

Register Here:

6 monthly payments of $297

Or Register Now – Only $1597

All sessions are live and are also recorded for viewing at your convenience

COREMap and Success-GPS are trademarked products of Quantum Leap University

Presented by Katherine Hartvickson

Katherine HartvicksonKatherine Hartvickson works with Business Owners and Career Professionals who struggle with breaking through the barriers of success and would like to achieve their ideal life.

What separates her service from others is her experience in developing top performers in corporate environments and because of this, clients take quantum leaps to achieve individual and financial rewards and the recognition they earned without sacrificing their personal life.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, book a free consultation to discuss how she can be of assistance or if you have any questions about the Success Without Sacrifice program.

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