CORE Map for Personal, Business and Relationships

CORE gets right to the heart of what really matters. With CORE, analysis of natural and conditioned traits, development levels of essential competencies, emotional intelligence, coping patterns, which behaviors create stress and which motivate and energize, are all presented in one unified system.

The CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile® (CORE MAP) and CORE Personal Effectiveness Profile (PEP) and are far more than just assessments. They are systems for deep and insightful analysis.

When it benefits the client, the CORE facilitator will use a process called Rapidly Accelerated Mind Patterning (RAMP). It is a powerful, safe and simple technique for instantly and permanently transforming old ineffective programs to beneficial ones and for rapidly removing blocks to success. RAMP techniques are effective for removing unwanted behaviors and feelings, the effects of trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, fears and phobias of all kinds. It is also effective for reducing chronic pain and eliminating many psychosomatic and stress-based symptoms such as migraine and other types of headaches and back pain caused by over-stressed muscles, and for eliminating bad habits.

Because the RAMP method uses an individual’s own subconscious processes, it is exceptionally effective (better than 97%) and it is not possible to create conditions that are harmful to the client. The subconscious mind allows only the changes it perceives as beneficial.

CORE for Personal Development

There are no greater assets to an individual than personal power, confidence and high self-esteem, all of which develop as a result of living one’s life fully, authentically and with meaning and purpose.

To be authentic; to have confidence and a healthy sense of self; to live one’s life with purpose and meaning and to enjoy life fully; true self-awareness and a deep self-understanding are essential.

Yet, a large body of research suggests these are not fully present in 94% of the population. CORE assessments are the only ones available anywhere with the ability to get beneath the false perceptions that lead so many people down the wrong path.

Only CORE assessments measure and correct self-perception, determine natural and conditioned behaviors, natural and conditioned preferences, overall development, emotional intelligence, strengths and abilities, and how one copes. No other assessment gives a fuller, more complete picture or provides a more valuable experience.

CORE in the Business World

All relationships, whether personal or business, require a good understanding of self and others.

More than ninety percent of relationship conflicts occur as a result of misunderstanding the wants, needs, communication style and perceptions of one another. CORE assessments are excellent tools for getting past misconceptions and communicational barriers, and for building strong, healthy relationships and healing difficult ones.

“Wow! This will change the dynamics of the way I relate personally & professionally.”

CORE for Relationships

Business research continually points to the fact that the number one predictor of any business’ success is the quality of its people.

For businesses to ensure that they select, promote and retain only top notch employees, they need for more information than can be gleaned from ordinary assessments. They need a more complete picture, which includes strengths and abilities, emotional intelligence, personal development levels, reactionary patterns, coping skills, core competency development, and management and training requirements.

Only CORE premier assessments can deliver all this in one highly effective and amazingly affordable tool.

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Katherine is not a licensed physician or licensed mental health professional or psychologist and does not hold herself out to provide any form of health care or psychotherapy. Because every person has different experiences and different subconscious programs, every session is different so individual experiences and results will vary. Your participation in a Rapidly Accelerated Mind Patterning (RAMP) process to remove outdated, unhelpful patterns with updated, healthy patterns indicates your understanding of this disclaimer, and your agreement to take full responsibility for your experience and to hold your practitioner harmless.