The Impact of High Performance HR: CUTV Radio Interview

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Click Play above to listen as I talk about the impact of High Performance HR on CUTV Radio

I recently sat down to discuss High Performance HR and leadership consulting and getting the most out of your employees on CUTV Radio.

When working in HR I see a lot of wasted potential that can be corrected by changing how your employees think. How we approach our work is as important as the work we’re doing and often the issue comes down to small business owners needed HR help.

When I do my HR consulting for small business owners I focus on teaching them the leadership skills I’ve learned over the past 35 years as a human resources professional. By working with the owner(s) to refine their approach to working with their employees and hiring their employees I focus on fixing the issues at the top.

If you like what you’ve heard and are looking for someone to help you start your own business or if you’re an established business owner looking for helping growing then please get in touch or sign up for my HR Training course: 3 Critical HR Mistakes Even Successful Small Business Owners Make
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