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How to Bring Your Team Together Through Adopting a Cause

Helping and volunteering

Your Manager’s Moment: Bringing Your Team Together Through Cause Adoption The most important thing to learn about being a boss is that people are always #1, the processes in your business are #2, and then the service or product you provide is #3. If you don’t get the people-thing right the rest is just a hope and a prayer – not a plan. It’s your people who will take care…

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Adapting Your Leadership Role for Changing Workforce Environments

Adapting Your Leadership Role for Changing Workforce Environments

How to Lead Your Employees Through a Better, Brighter 2018 There are consistent expectations from a leader. Whether you’re a small business owner looking for help growing your business or you’re a manager handling a team, you have people looking to you for direction and guidance. How you achieve meeting those expectations is the part that changes year after year. Each year presents different challenges to the workforce. Businesses in…

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How to Get Your Team Involved in Making Business Improvements

Thinking outside the box

Your Manager’s Moment: Brain Storming with Your Team I’m sure most of you have heard “You’ve got to think outside the box!” throughout your career. I don’t know about you, but when I hear that – I can actually see a box surrounding me and it feels confining, almost claustrophobic, and I have a difficult time getting out of my head and allowing my creativity to flow. So, I prefer…

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How to Be a Leader That Inspires Good Work Rather Than Demanding It

How to be a leader that inspires good work

Leadership seems like a role anyone with confidence can perform but often leaders let their ego run the show and the results are unhappy employees, high turnover, and shoddy work. Are you performing a leader role within your business? Whether you’re a manager, project manager, small business owner, or you oversee a team within a company, you have people whose duties are directed by you and whose performance you are…

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5 Tips on Adapting Your Business to Attract Younger Talent

attract new clients

Is your business targeting new employees the same way you did when you started? It might be time to update some things. Most companies start out with their ideal employee in mind– generally one that looks very similar in style, skills and attitude as the business owner. If done properly the talent you are trying to attract is in line with what the employee is looking for in a place…

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Modern Changes for Effective Leadership

modern effective leadership

What has 2017 shown us when it comes to leadership?   Leadership and how to go about it changes with the times. Yesterday’s methods may no longer be the best option and certainly not the only option. When was the last time you reassessed your leadership approach? It’s an important question considering the rapid pace at which our world is changingas well as the many age groups now actively working.…

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Master the Stages of Team Development so Your Next Project Runs at Full Capacity

leadership coaching

Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing. What do they mean and how will they help you build your team?   How effective is your new team? When building a new team within your company or reorganizing personnel to work on a new project there are normal stages of team development that can be the key to your project’s success or the weight that drags it down. By understanding the stages of team…

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5 Innovative Ways to Have Employees Who Love Coming to Work

HR consulting

What you can learn from “New Age” businesses about employee satisfaction and retention Do your employees love coming to work? People who are happy at work are likely to work harder. Everyone wants their employees to be happy.So why are happy employees most often seen at large, younger companies? It’s a common question and almost every business consultant will hear it. From Facebook to Google to many, many others the…

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The Impact of High Performance HR: CUTV Radio Interview

leadership consultant

Click Play above to listen as I talk about the impact of High Performance HR on CUTV Radio I recently sat down to discuss High Performance HR and leadership consulting and getting the most out of your employees on CUTV Radio. When working in HR I see a lot of wasted potential that can be corrected by changing how your employees think. How we approach our work is as important as the…

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