5 Things You Must Have to be a Successful Business Woman in a Man’s World

5 Things You Must Have to be a Successful Business Woman in a Man’s World

Women in the workforce have come a long way over the last 100 years but there are still untapped opportunities that will benefit greatly from our own special feminine power.

If a woman would like to be successful in a man’s world there are certain attributes she can master that will help her fit in and move forward with the assertion and confidence she needs.

And what the world doesn’t need is women trying to be carbon copies of men instead of being themselves. In business with strong men and women in leadership roles, the decisions have a much higher positive impact on the bottom line.

When you master these 5 things you will gain confidence and get more of what you want in the workplace:

  1. Hard Work & Determination. This may seem obvious but you’d be surprised at how many people believe they will become successful without putting in any effort.
    If you want to be successful in anything, you must put in the time. It really can be as simple as that.
    Work hard at furthering your knowledge inside and outside of the workplace. You could take relevant educational courses to stay updated and informed within your field, subscribe to applicable newsletters, blogs and magazines.
    Learn to talk about a variety of subjects so that you can participate in various discussions and projects with your peers and senior leaders. Set stretch goals and accomplish them.
  2. Resilience. Don’t internalize and take things too personally; learn how to receive well-meant constructive criticism and use it to improve your work.
    Take criticism for what it is; leave any drama or feelings outside of work. When receiving criticism acknowledge you’ve heard the critique and respond positively. Avoid becoming defensive and finding excuses because at the end of the day it’s results – not effort – that really matters.
    If your boss sweeps one of your ideas under the rug or doesn’t give you the credit you deserve, take some time to go over the situation.
    When you have gathered your thoughts and are clear on the outcome you want, request a meeting and address the situation with a strategic presentation if you feel it’s necessary.
    In reality, when your boss shines – you shine because everyone knows the boss doesn’t do all the work themselves.
    Bounce back right away from any sort of set-back, accept it as a learning experience and focus on getting the job done!
  3. Intuition. Lucky for us women this one comes naturally. When making big decisions, tap into your intuition and always go with your instincts. Instincts and knowledge combined will prove to be a very successful approach.
    If you have a feeling that now might not be the best time to approach your boss about the raise you deserve, trust that. Then spend some time figuring out the right way and time to ask.
  4. Confidence. The saying “fake it ’til you make it” didn’t come from nowhere, and my bet is, it came from a man.
    Displaying confidence in the workplace is essential if you would like to climb the ladder or expand your scope of responsibilities. If you’ve ever wondered how a particular person you work with keeps getting promotions, it is likely due to others perception rather than him/her having more knowledge or experience than you.
    If there is something you aren’t very familiar with, my advice wouldn’t be to “fake it” but instead, learn it and develop your confidence.
    The next time your boss asks for input at a meeting, speak up. Your opinion is just as valuable as everyone else’s and your unique values and experiences may best serve the team at that particular moment.
    The more times your voice is heard, the higher your chance of being recognized and valued for your contributions. Speaking up will also help you practice how to assert yourself.
  5. Assertion. Now that you’ve put in your hard work and used your intuition to know when and how to approach a situation, you must be assertive in following through with getting what you want with complete confidence.
    You need to be prepared. Write a proposal, book the meeting and present your idea with practiced confidence to get what you want!

Finding success as a woman in a man’s world may be hard at times but it is absolutely doable.

Believe in yourself and work smart at learning the skills necessary to advance your career. Helping others be successful will also set you up for others to want to help you too.

When someone asks you to help with something, don’t be shy or afraid; just say yes and then figure out the best way to do it. Ask for help from others you trust.

And lastly, know that you are like a unique flower waiting to bloom. You can bloom in the garden you are in – or if that one isn’t providing you with the sustenance you need to bloom in the best way – find another garden that is ready and waiting just for you.

If you want to learn more in-depth approaches to becoming a successful business woman in a man’s world, let’s get acquainted with a free strategy session. Getting to know a little bit about you will ensure you get the best success coaching program for your needs, ultimately leading you to inevitable success.

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