December 2017

How to Get Your Team Involved in Making Business Improvements

Thinking outside the box

Your Manager’s Moment: Brain Storming with Your Team I’m sure most of you have heard “You’ve got to think outside the box!” throughout your career. I don’t know about you, but when I hear that – I can actually see a box surrounding me and it feels confining, almost claustrophobic, and I have a difficult time getting out of my head and allowing my creativity to flow. So, I prefer…

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How to Be a Leader That Inspires Good Work Rather Than Demanding It

How to be a leader that inspires good work

Leadership seems like a role anyone with confidence can perform but often leaders let their ego run the show and the results are unhappy employees, high turnover, and shoddy work. Are you performing a leader role within your business? Whether you’re a manager, project manager, small business owner, or you oversee a team within a company, you have people whose duties are directed by you and whose performance you are…

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